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A zero-waste system that eliminates overproduction? Sounds impossible, but TWOTHIRDS achieve this with their pre-order system.
A fitness brand made from sustainable bamboo. If you are looking for basic tees, endurance clothing or running outfits, BAM is the place for you. Established in 2006, BAM create their products using soft and sustainable bamboo.
What happens to your clothing when it's worn out? How about returning it to the company that you bought it from so they can recycle it? That's what Rapanui do...
The thought concept is that we all need to live more thoughtfully. Consuming less and buying only what we need. The Thought Clothing mantra is: "Wear Me, Love Me, Mend Me, Pass Me On"... as part of a cyclical process.
A fashion brand that is also a social enterprise, using art therapy for mental wellness. We Are Hairy People hand-paint clothing that is also sustainable & PETA-approved vegan.
Sustainable fashion brand Lucy & Yak produce a fun and comfortable range of clothing. Including their signature dungarees, tee's, bottoms, jeans and more. Lucy & Yak clothing is dependable and practical.
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