Lucy & Yak

Sustainable fashion brand Lucy & Yak produce a fun and comfortable range of clothing. Including their signature dungarees, tee's, bottoms, jeans and more. Lucy & Yak clothing is dependable and practical.

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Why I fell in love with Lucy & Yak

I found Lucy & Yak by chance, just whiling away some time on Instagram and I saw a pair of brightly coloured dungarees. When I scrolled and saw the dungarees proudly worn by five or six models, all of different shapes and sizes, I had to find out more about this brand that stood out from the crowd. As a child the dungaree was my favourite thing to wear… I even wore them to school back in the 90’s on non-uniform day (yes, I was the only one!). To think, there is now a brand for adults who all love dungarees too? What more could I want?

When I looked at the Lucy & Yak website, I was so happy to find a company that is so transparent about their story, the products, ethics & values. I can actually see photographs of the team who work in Ismail’s factory. Knowing that each and every one is paid fairly (in fact, way above the living wage) is amazing.

Another thing that made me love Lucy & Yak more is that the dungarees are unisex! That’s right, they are for everyone!

I decided to treat myself to a pair of pink denim dungarees! Just like my pink jeans I had as a child… this brand really makes me smile and brings some childhood joy into my life.

Distinctive pocket logo

Once you’ve heard of Lucy & Yak, you’ll start spotting the distinctive pocket logo everywhere. People from the Lucy & Yak family.

When I buy from Lucy & Yak, I feel like I know the story behind the item, who made it, who packed my order, what it’s made from and how they are working to keep the impact on the planet low.

Lucy & Yak Flynn Belt

Sustainability & Ethics

Lucy & Yak are very transparent about their processes and all the information you need to know is listed on their website.

Are they vegan?

Unfortunately, Lucy & Yak dungarees are not certified as vegan. According to the customer support team, it is because the dye used isn’t certified as vegan. The dye is not tested on animals but are not certified vegan. The customer service is top rate, so if you have any questions, they’ll definitely answer them for you.

What about customer service?

I don’t always write about the customer service, but in this case I must make a special mention about the team at Lucy & Yak. I had a sizing issue with my dungarees (they were too big, we think they were mislabelled) and I contacted the team to ask about the measurements. They were very patient and sent me all the measurements for sizes 6-12 so I could choose the pair that fitted. Then, they sent me the right size (free posting) before I had even returned the other ones. They arrived the next day!

I’d rate their customer service as 5 star.

Lucy & Yak Care Label
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