Rapanui Packaging
Sustainable Fashion

Let’s talk about packaging…

Since I started buying my clothing from sustainable companies, I have really loved seeing all the eco-friendly packaging the items arrive in. Most of them

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A zero-waste system that eliminates overproduction? Sounds impossible, but TWOTHIRDS achieve this with their pre-order system.

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BAM – Bamboo Clothing

A fitness brand made from sustainable bamboo. If you are looking for basic tees, endurance clothing or running outfits, BAM is the place for you. Established in 2006, BAM create their products using soft and sustainable bamboo.

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The True Cost

The true cost

The True Cost is a massive eye-opener into the fashion industry. The impact on the environment and the people who work within it. It is truly shocking. This documentary made me commit to never purchasing another item of clothing that isn’t sustainably produced. To ensure nobody or the environment suffers for my purchase.

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Rapanui Ocean Tee

Rapanui is ethical, sustainable and vegan. We love all their products for this reason. What makes them even better is how great the products feel

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is your wardrobe vegan?

You’re vegan… is your wardrobe vegan too?

When you decide to “go vegan”, it can be very daunting to know where to start. Once you have your diet sorted, it’s not unusual to start thinking about all the other areas of our lives and how they impact animals. Our aim is for this guide to help you decode the fashion industry and to shop in a sustainable, vegan friendly way.

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