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What to wear when working from home – 5 Eco-friendly tops

While we are all at home, many of us will be working from home alongside other roles. Perhaps looking after families… keeping everyone safe. As someone who works from home normally, I know how important it is to maintain some distinction between working/family life. One way of doing this is to get dressed in business wear for working hours. It gets your mind in the right frameset for work and also is a visual indication to other members of the household that you are in work mode. When they see you in your loungewear, they know it’s family time.

With all this time at home, it may have given you time to think about the environment and our impact on it. That’s why we wanted to put together a list of eco-friendly tops that’d work for video call.

Organic clothing | @thought

thought are committed to natural, eco-friendly & sustainable fabrics. Using organic & recycled materials where possible.

Fair-trade and sustainable clothing | @People tree

People tree are pioneers in sustainable fair-trade clothing.